Sometimes applications stop working when the Hardening-Patch is installed on the server. This usually happens only when the application does something that seems insane. Most applications work without problems. But especially administration interfaces sometimes stop working, because of very long input fields or very long field names. In this section you will find a list of applications that may not work as before and a guide how you should configure the Hardening-Patch, to not run into problems.


Consider f.e. the following table setup

CREATE TABLE `testtable` (
  `pk` varchar(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  `data1` text NOT NULL,
  `data2` varchar(128) DEFAULT NULL,
  KEY `pk` (`pk`)
INSERT INTO `testtable` ( `pk` , `data1` , `data2` )
  'Primary Key Value', 'Value for the text field data1', 'value of data2'

When you try to edit this entry afterwards you might get an error because your Hardening-Patch is most propably to restrictive in your setup. This is caused by phpMyAdmin creating input fields with names like:

funcs[multi_edit][ CONVERT(`pk` USING utf8) = ‘Primary Key Value’ AND CONVERT(`data1` USING utf8) = ‘Value for the text field data1’ AND CONVERT(`data2` USING utf8) = ‘value of data2’][data1]

It is quite obvious that this will cause problems with anything that limits the length of fieldnames or array keys. The settings you need to adjust are:

Additionally you might want to change the following settings because phpMyAdmin is an administrative backend and might needs many POST variables and the user might trigger SQL errors

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